Organisation for orphaned children and street children, as well as children from large, poor families. The name UNIQUEDIRECT stands for the idea - „Direct on-site assistance for children in need in Africa”. The organisation is not political and not religious oriented!


The word orphanage has always a slightly sad and hopeless tone. We derive our Children's Homes therefore under the slogan «WE ARE FAMILY». The Children's Home provides a family environment in wich the children can develop freely and safely. They are professionally supervised until independence.



  • Orphaned children and street children, as well as children from large, poor families, find a new home with UNIQUEDIRECT.

Activity main focus

  • Professionnel care
  • Regular and healthy food
  • Medical care (Internal/External)
  • Safety and Security
  • Upholding of cultural and social values
  • Animation / Prevention work / Psychotherapie
  • Social integration

Best possible education!

  • Education plays an important role, in keeping with our motto: Through education a chance for the future!

Quality and not Quantity!

  • In the Children’s Home a manageable number of children are professionally cared for, this allows us to meet the needs and concerns of each child!

Familial and familiar environment!

  • We ensure that the children can unfold themselves freely and without fear!


  • After the obligatory schools a suitable training place is searched for the kids, in order to allow the start in an independent future later. During and after the training, the children will always remain a part of the UNIQUEDIRECT family!