The UNIQUEDIRECT Children's Relief is an organisation recognised and officially authorised by the government of Cameroon. In cooperation with the local authorities (Social Affairs) we are included in social services throughout the year. We currently operate a Children's Home in the village Mfou wich is 30 km away from the capital Yaoundé.


In the main house there are two large bedrooms (Girls/Boys) and a large living room. In the adjoining house is on two levels space for the older children. The whole property is surrounded by a wall, Guards with dogs ensure the children's safety. A playground, and a vegetable garden are also available. A room in the house next door is used as a warehouse and office. With our simple family house, we want to integrate ourselves into the neighbourhood and not distance ourselves from it. Social integration is very important to us, schools and partner hospitals will be selected by location.


The management of the organization on-site as well as the home management, with training as a social worker, are responsible for the well-being of the children, the organization and management of the Children's Home, the management of the employees and the profitability of the company. They are the link between the local authorities and our organization.
In Children's Home, only native employees are involved. The advantage is that the children's reference people have the same cultural background as they do. A team of women as well as an allrounder take care of the extended family's daily needs. The children receive assistance from a doctor and additional support teachers as required. UNIQUEDIRECT provides its employees with valuable, secure jobs. For their work, they receive a customary wage.