Jan Lori privately supported the UNIQUEDIRECT Children's Relief between 2001 and 2006. For financial and organizational reasons he decided to set up a foundation under swiss law. He achieved this on 16 May 2006 when the foundation was entered in the register of companies and the UNIQUEDIRECT Foundation with headquarters in Malans (Canton of Grisons/Switzerland) was founded. Since then the foundation council has been responsible for the foundation's strategic management. The foundation also sources and manages funding and pursues UNIQUEDIRECT's vision.


The UNIQUEDIRECT Foundation, is supporting the UNIQUEDIRECT Children's Relief - „Direct on-site assistance for children in need in Africa”. The foundation is non-political and not religious oriented!


Luzi Willi - President
Dr. Reto Castelberg - Medicine
Helene Danuser - Management
Giorgio Cappellin - Finance
Silvio Liechti - Media
Jan Lori - Project manager


Jan Lori is fully committed to UNIQUEDIRECT. He is project manager and the man on site. In Switzerland, he takes care of public relations. He is in constant contact with the management of the Children's Homes and with the foundation in Switzerland.


The legal form means that UNIQUEDIRECT Foundation finances are subjected to an audit every year by the auditors. In addition the foundation is subject to supervision by the swiss federal supervisory board for foundations. The management keeps the books. Internal audits are carried out by the foundation council.


Donations to the UNIQUEDIRECT Foundation are tax deductible. At the start of each year we send our donors and project sponsors a confirmation of donations with the annual report.


The UNIQUEDIRECT Children's Relief are 100% financed by donations.


The fixed monthly costs and annual expenses of the Children's Homes and the organization on the spot are covered by project sponsorship and one-off donations.


The foundation council and the many helpers and advisers in Switzerland give their time and efforts for free. The administrative costs are born by separate patrons. This means that 100% of all donations benefit the children.